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Sun 10th Jul 2022 16:00 Church at the Green Sunday 4pm Philippians 3:12-4:1 Joël Carle
Sun 02nd Jan 2022 16:00 Church at the Green Sunday 4pm Mark 12:28-34 Joël Carle, [unset], [unset]
Sun 02nd Jan 2022 10:00 Arborfield Morning Service Mark 12:28-34 Joël Carle
Sun 28th Mar 2021 16:00 Church at the Green Sunday 4pm John 19:17-27 Joël Carle
Sun 27th Dec 2020 16:00 Church at the Green Sunday 4pm John 1:1-18 Joël Carle
Sun 01st Nov 2020 16:00 Church at the Green Sunday 4pm Matthew 17:22-27 Joël Carle
Sun 01st Nov 2020 10:00 Arborfield Morning Service Matthew 17:24-27 Joël Carle
Sun 21st Jun 2020 16:00 Church at the Green Sunday 4pm Joël Carle
Sun 23rd Feb 2020 16:00 Church at the Green Sunday 4pm Isaiah 61:1-11 Waiting for the fulfilment of God's purposes Joël Carle

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- Enter the url when it's requested: 

That's it. For both types of device, you can set parameters such as how many downloads to keep, and when to delete them.

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