We believe Jesus came into the world to offer new life with him, and that this good news is for everyone.

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We meet every Sunday at 4pm
with refreshments afterwards
Crèche and Children's groups for families

Arborfield Green Community Centre
Sheerlands Road, Arborfield RG2 9ND

Summer Reading

Summer is a time, hopefully, for rest. Many of us with families will be looking forward to holidays coming up, or perhaps just being sat out in the sunshine. So as we look to rest, why not get some books ready to read this summer. Here's some we're reading:

The Art of Rest- Adam Mabry
The Bible says rest is a good thing, but how can we be resting well, particularly in a world that never stops? Adam Mabry's book shows us how rest gives us time to spend with God and remember his grace and how rest can fuel our joy and confidence in God's sovereignty as we learn to depend on him, and not our own efforts, and are refreshed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Reading Between the Lines - Glen Scrivener
This book is 181 devotionals in the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi, all pointing to Jesus. They're not dated so you can do them at your own speed and if that's not enough, there's a second volume for the New Testament. You can get both now at 10ofthose.com with £10 off and a free ebook!

The Biggest Story ABC- Kevin DeYoung and Don Clark
It's not just adults who need rest either, but the kids too. This book tells the story of the Bible through the alphabet with fun illustrations. It's a great way to introduce the big ideas of the Bible to young children (recommended 1-3 years).

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