Sunday Services FAQs

You can watch a walkthrough video of our current set-up by clicking here.

We’re keen to adhere to government guidelines for everyone’s safety and health, (e.g. maintaining social distancing, wearing face coverings) and make sure we’re being sensitive to one another’s different views. These FAQs will hopefully help to do that:

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What will I need to do before coming to church?

Book in online via the link on the web page - this will also help with track and trace.
Bring a bible as there will not be any at church (though the passage for the day will be printed on the service sheet). You might also like to bring any colouring book and pens for your children.

How will the spacing work?

We have made a scale chart of our seating plan which will accommodate all of the regular members of CTG and leave room for visitors. The seating groups will be separated by 1.7m or more. This is greater than the 1m minimum so we do have room to adjust these plans depending on how many we expect.

You will enter the building by the main doors (right of the gate into the courtyard) and leave by the fire exit when told to do so after the service. Please do not stray from the paths and follow the signs. You will have seats assigned and these will be posted on the notice boards on the way in. The welcome team will also be able to help.

We are planning to have doors and windows open as much as possible to help with ventilation. Though historically a warm building, it may be cooler than usual so please do make preparations for this if needed.

Will we need to wear a face covering?

Yes, once inside the community centre, a face covering must be worn by all over 12. These can be removed after the service. In line with government guidelines, those speaking and leading will not need to wear a mask when doing so.

Is there hand sanitiser?

We will have a sanitation table at the entrance with hand sanitiser for all who enter. If you’d prefer to use your own, that is fine but please use it at the table so we know that it is being done. There are also sanitiser stations around the buildings.

Will the toilets be open?

The disabled toilet at either end of the hall will be open but these are the only toilets to be used. This avoids multiple households being in a smaller space at once.

Will there be children’s work?

There will be children's groups for primary aged children. They will leave during the service and be collected by parents afterwards. You can see a video about how they will safely leave and be collected here.

There is room for buggies so do feel free to bring these if needed.

What happens at the end of the service?

At the end of the service, someone will tell each seating unit that they can leave. Please do not start moving until you have been asked to do so to help maintain appropriate distancing. We would ask that you leave the building and courtyard promptly to avoid blocking or crowding walkways so please do not stop to have conversations.

Can we sing?

Unfortunately, the current guidance does not allow for singing. We will have live music played and humming along is more than welcome. You may, however, prefer to reflect on the words being sung and use them as a prayer.

I’ve had to isolate, will there still be an online option?

Yes there will be. We will be live streaming the services from the community centre for anyone who can’t be with us. You can access this on our Youtube channel.