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Life Groups are our midweek small groups. Bible study, prayer and mutual support are all central to our Life Groups. However, our Life Groups are also the primary place where mission is dreamed up, encouraged, planned and executed. We want every Life Group building relationships with people disconnected from God; showing God’s compassion in and blessing their local communities; and doing things that demonstrate the difference knowing God has made to the way they live their lives together. Our Life Groups have permission to grow, experiment, develop their own identities, take risks and if necessary to fail, within the limits of our values, whilst they commit to come together on Sunday mornings to worship together, share stories, pray, and receive bible teaching. Every Life Group has a generous budget to spend on outreach each year.

We have Life Groups in the evening and during the day. Most meet weekly except when there is a prayer meeting. If you are a member of Christ Church and would like to join a Life Group, please contact Ian Stewart.

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