What we believe

We are united by faith in Jesus Christ, and believe that his death and resurrection has made it possible for people like us to be forgiven by God for turning away from him. This means we can be brought back into a right relationship with the living God, and know the certain hope of eternal life.

We believe that God speaks to us today through his Word, the Bible, and helps us to understand it as he works in us by his Holy Spirit.

Everything we do is aimed at helping each other to learn more about who God is and what he has done through Jesus Christ. Ultimately, we long to help each other to live lives that give him the honour that he deserves.

You can find out more about what we believe here - or you can look here for a simple presentation of the message at the heart of the bible.

Arborfield PCC has passed a resolution under the House of Bishop’s Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests in order to reflect its views on the distinctive ministry of men and women.