Electoral Roll

If you consider St James to be your home church and have regularly attended for six months or more, then we would encourage you to join the Church Electoral Roll. This means that you can be involved in particular areas of church life, such as voting at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and potentially serving on the PCC.

Parents with young children should be aware that Ranelagh School take into account the number of years on the Electoral Roll in their admission criteria.

A new Electoral Roll is produced every 6 years. 2019 is one such year, meaning that in 2019 everyone must re-apply to be on the Electoral Roll (and will not need to re-apply until 2025).


An application form is available to download here.

The application form asks if you are "resident in the parish" - note this refers to the ecclesiastical parish, which is not the same as the civil parish. Click here and enter your postcode to check if you live within the ecclesiastical Parish of BARKHAM.

At the bottom of the form is an optional question about inclusion in the church directory. We encourage everyone on the Electoral Roll to be included in the directory. If you are not, an application form is available to download here.

If you are unsure how to answer any of the questions on the forms, please speak to one of the ministers or a Churchwarden.